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Children’s holidays in the camp "Rodnik"


The programme "Parkour"

By participating in the programme, you can learn the basic elements of acrobatics, gymnastics, "parkour"; overcoming obstacles; high-altitude skills training; take part in: demonstrations; in the contest "Day of Records"; and in competitions of traditional and modern outdoor games.

The programme "1200 Years Ago"

By participating in the programme, you can learn the basics of boxing, the use of various types of historical weapons, how to make a bow, disguise and orienteering without special equipment, how to equip the camp and organize its protection. Take part in the game-competitions "Battle circle", "In the bull's-eye," in lessons of classics of historical and sports all-around, in the historical play "Feast of the Fire God", and field exercises.

The programme "Forest Warrior"

By participating in the programme, you can learn the basics of historical fencing, combat assault and hand-to-hand fighting; forest topography; orienteering; first aid; and take part in the game "Cossacks-robbers", in obstacle courses and in theatrical performances.

The programme "Stalker"

By participating in the programme, you can learn survival skills in the wild, to navigate in the woods, how to use binoculars, compasses and morse code, learn the special signs and signals, and the basics of military training.

To take part in tactical exercises in nature, with classes in cartography, in the games of; scouts, "Tag" and in the wilderness game "Stalker".

The programme "Survival School"

By participating in the programme, you can learn the basics of riding, the basics of disguise (camouflage), skills for an autonomous stay in the woods, the basics of self-defense; to take part in the classes "Lessons for Survival", in a fascinating educational games, events and celebrations, in competitions on shooting from the pneumatic weapon.

The programme "Island Adventure"

By participating in the programme, you can learn the basics of swordsmanship, marksmanship, participate in a lesson on tying knots, practicing knife-throwing, work in teams to find the treasure of "Treasure Island", in the game "Neptune," and in the quest for feats.

The programme "Conquerors of the Elements"

By participating in the programme, you can learn the basics of altitude training, hunting and fishing, the arrangement of a parking place and overnight accommodation, the determination of weather by understanding natural features, the creation of dishes using natural materials.

Take part in the tactical game "Fox Hunting", in the game "Count of Monte Cristo", in the festival "Choice of the totem name", in the training "Rope course" and in the tourist relay.

The programme "March to Summer"

Feel yourself as a defender of his homeland, know yourself and your capabilities... "Course of the Young Fighter", "Night Snipers", military topography, field medicine, laser tag, "Guerrilla Patrol", "Summer Lightning", "Parade Ground", army obstacle courses and firearms training are only a part of the games and activities in our military-adventure programme "March to Summer"

The programme "In the Footsteps of Robinson"

By participating in the programme, you can learn how to pitch a tent, build a fire and cook on it food; to navigate; the rules of safe behaviour in the wilderness; take part in daytime and nighttime hikes; in the competition "Robinson Crusoe" and in the competition "Campfire Songs".

The price includes:

• accommodation: 4 people tents (with a hallway) on wooden decks, children are provided with pillows, blankets, mattresses, clean bedding, washing and drying of clothes available;

• food: five times a day with natural juices, fresh fruit (in the dining room of the rehabilitation centre "Nadezhda");

• classes for the programme are held every day (see programme);

• leisure: interesting events, discos, competitions, swimming;

• Highly qualified specialists: lessons are conducted by an experienced trainer-instructor;

• Collection from Minsk and return journey (from the bus station "Druzhnaya")

Prior to arrival at the camp, you need the following medical certificate of health:

• medical certificate about state of health, form 1 ECA/a-10 and the absence of contact with infectious persons.


Things to bring with you:

1. Several changes of underwear (socks, tights, shirts, underwear, etc.);

2. Comfortable shoes for hot and cool weather, athletic shoes (sneakers, cleats, sneakers);

3. Sweater, jacket, trousers, sports suit;

4. Toiletries (soap, washcloth, toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo, comb);

5. Bathing suit and beach towel;

6. Flashlight;

7. Backpack;

8. Raincoat with a hood;

9. Hat that can not blown away by wind;

10. Mosquito repellent.

Not recommend to bring with you:

• Expensive jewellery (gold earrings, chains, rings).

• Mobile phones.

Forbidden to bring with you:

• Knives, scissors and other sharp objects with any length of blade.

• Firecrackers and any other explosives.

• Cigarettes, matches, lighters and any other flammable substances.

• Any alcoholic beverages.

• Any narcotic substances.

You can buy a voucher for the camp "Rodnik" by leaving a request on the website,

by calling the sales department or by e-mail.