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Children's holidays in the recreation centre "Viliya"


"ART Journey"


The programme introduces children to the world of creativity, developing creativity through the initiation into arts and crafts. Children will also become acquainted with various types of decorative art. They can learn from nature to paint magnificent scenery, to join the creative process of modelling clay. Lessons, games, competitions, exhibitions of children's works – are all awaiting you at ART journey!

The programme’s objective: to develop fine motor skills, artistic taste, observation, imagery and visual memory, spatial reasoning, creativity, imagination and creative imagination.

"Summer Dance"

Dancing camp "Summer Dance" is a blend of energy, enthusiasm and positivity. Children will dance in the style Street Dance. Through dance children learn to express their feelings and emotions.

Street Dance will help children to maintain good physical shape, will give cheerfulness and good mood! In addition, children will gain an interesting hobby and find many new friends who, like them, are passionate about dance!

"My Business"

The camp "My Business" combines leisure and recreation with training sessions by a specialist in developing personal potential.

Each participant will learn more about themselves in the training "I am a like a business project," and develop their project "My Business". Also, each participant will take part in games, contest, sports and entertainment programmes.

To book a voucher, you need to contact the sales specialist and clarify the available places.

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We await your application by E-mail and Fax: (00375-01771)32 6 91.


The recreational camp "Vilya" is located 80 km from Minsk and 120m from the Children's Centre "Nadezhda"

in a pine forest, near the Vileyka reservoir.

It is part of the rehabilitation centre "Nadezsda" and works on the same principles and approaches -

the preservation and strengthening of health!

Conditions of stay: Cozy house (5 to 6 sleeping places in 2 to 3 bedroom houses) or in the house-tents (1 room with 2 to 3 sleeping places). Opportunity to use the infrastructure in the rehabilitation centre "Nadeshda".

Food: Five times a day in the dining room of the rehabilitation centre "Nadeshda" with natural juices, fresh fruit; cooking uses  agricultural products grown on their own land using the principles of organic agriculture.


The main building that houses:

- the administrative-medical unit;

- cultural and recreational unit (sport and training halls, a hall for conducting cultural events, game rooms and a lounge with a TV);

- accounting unit;

Houses, huts, showers with WC, dryers, an indoor venue for cultural and entertainment events.

The camp has electricity.

For active leisure there are volleyball courts, sports facilities, and table tennis.

Medical care on-site including first aid.

Guarded territory. Mobile communication coverage area.

The types of services: the health-improving voucher, and health-improving voucher with an active holiday programme.

Prior to arrival at the camp, you need the following medical certificate of health:

• medical certificate about state of health, including information about the absence of contact with infectious patients and the results of an inspection of infectious skin diseases and lice.

Departure to the Nadeshda centre, on the day of arrival, is organized from Minsk (from bus station "Druzhnaya").



The child must have the following items when going to "Vilya":

• personal hygiene items (toothbrush and paste, soap, shampoo, washcloth, comb, tissues, etc.);

• several changes of underwear (socks, tights, t-shirts, shirts, pants, etc.);

• top everyday clothes;

• tracksuit, shorts, t-shirts;

• comfortable shoes for heat and cool weather, and sports shoes;

• a raincoat with a hood;

• hat;

• swimming trunks, swimsuit, beach towel;

• it is advisable to bring rubber boots;

• deep bowl, cup and spoon for food in the wilderness;

• flashlight with reserve batteries;

• protection against insects and mosquitos

Not recommended to take with you:

• expensive mobile communications, photo, tele, video or audio equipment.

Not permitted to take with you:

• knives and other sharps with any length of blade;

• firecrackers and other explosives;

• cigarettes, matches, lighters and other inflammable substances;

• alcoholic beverages, including beer;

• drugs