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Belarusian-German Joint Limited Liability Company
"Children's Recreation & Rehabilitation Center"


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Health improvment of children with disabilities

Accompanied by their parents and (or) volunteers.

Duration of stay: 6,10 or 14 days.

Composition of the group: 12-15 people plus  accompanying teachers or volunteers. The number of accompanying teachers is decided depending on the needs of medical and educational support.

The programme for the visit involves integrating children into the overall activities in the centre and includes:

- Accommodation: in the three-story buildings (4-bed dorm rooms, toilets and showers on each floor per block of 4 rooms, games room with TV and sofa set and laundry room) or in a two-level guest house (2-bed bed rooms with TV, kitchen furniture and utensils, bathrooms in each room and telephone intercom).

- Meals: Four meals a day according to a set menu or choice menu including natural juices, fresh fruits, major types of agricultural products grown on the private agricultural plot using the principles of organic agriculture. In cooking we use modern sparing technology.

- Health improvement includes a complex of treatment and rehabilitation services (procedures) available on prescription from the following list: climatotherapy, physiotherapy (light therapy or magnetic therapy), thermotherapy, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy (pearl bath), hand massage, phyto-tea;

- Lessons (art, arts and crafts, ceramics, playing the synthesizer);

- Physical activity (in the gym and with the use of gaming systems at the centre);

- Visits cultural and sporting events (plays and concerts, themed days, calendar events, dance programmes, sports events, etc.);

Psychological assistance and counseling

Games room available. During the academic year classes are available for children who attend school.