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Belarusian-German Joint Limited Liability Company
"Children's Recreation & Rehabilitation Center"


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Health-resort treatments and health improvement

Belarusian-German Joint Public Limited Liability Company Children’s Rehabilitation and Health Improving Centre “Nadezhda”, annually concludes an agreement with the Republican Centre for Health Promotion, Sanatorium and Health Resort Treatments for citizens (hereinafter referred to as the "Republican Centre"). The subject of the agreement regards health-resort treatments and  health improvement treatments in the Centre for children who are living in territories contaminated by the radioactive particles above 1 Ku/km2. In addition, the Centre seeks to carry out targeted projects in health-resort treatments and  the health improvement of children affected by the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident, those who have the same types of pathologies: illness of the endocrine system, metabolic illness, blood disease and so forth, and those in the remission period from disease. Also the Centre welcomes children affected by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster for health-resort treatments and  health improvement treatments funded by international charitable organisations.

Within this there are exceptions of medical contraindradictions, in the area of sanitorium treatment and health improvement, as stated in the normative documents valid on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

The Centre is working all year round and can facilitate 320 people at one time. Children are accepted on the basis of lists and vouchers provided by the District Departments of Education.

The Republican Centre distributes vouchers quarterly for places in the Centre to the regions of the republic, these are proportionally based on the number of children living within its territory and in areas polluted by radioactive particles. The process works as follows: after receiving the vouchers, the regional Republican Centres distribute them to the districts of the area. In turn, the district departments of education select the accompanying teachers and form groups in accordance with the selection process: the groups of children are sent to the Centre are formed from those permanently residing in areas contaminated by radioactive particles, these groups are accompanied by teachers. During the school year the centre accepts children of school age, from 6 to 17 years. During the school year, it is preferable to send school children as a whole class, accompanied by their class teacher, this provides for a  more successful adaptation and more effective sanatorium and health improvement treatment in a short duration of the camp.

By staying at the Centre together with an accompanying teacher who knows the characteristics of children, the social background of their families, it allows the Centre’s employees to obtain more complete information about each child in order to organize the process of sanatorium  and health improvement treatment qualitatively. The accompanying teacher is an active participant in this process, and in collaboration with the specialists of the Centre has the ability to track changes that occur during the period of stay of the individual child and/or the group as a whole.

To ensure the high-quality arrival for the children, there is constant cooperation with the Republican Centre, its management and the district departments of education, and school.