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Belarusian-German Joint Limited Liability Company
"Children's Recreation & Rehabilitation Center"


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Ecological management

The ecological systems management (ESM) (or the system of management of environmental management (SMEM) is a part of a general management system of the organisation, we apply much effort to identify and control the impact of the facility’s management on the environment and, also to improve its ecological performance. ESM is based on a systematic approach to environmental management and environmental issues.


Environmental policy 

Belarusian-German  Joint Public Limited Liability Company

“Children’s Rehabilitation and Health Improving Centre “Nadezhda”

Our aim: Health-resort treatments and health improvement services, the provision of educational and tourist services with the intention of decreasing adverse effects on the environment and protecting it from pollution.

Implementation pathways:

  • Compliance with legislation and other requirements, that regulate the activity of the Children’s Centre  “Nadezhda” in the field of environmental protection and health protection;
  • Organization of production control with an aim to detect and prevent harmful impact on the environment;
  • Lowering the consumption of full-energy and material resources through the implementation of energy saving technologies, and utilization of alternative and revival sources of energy;
  • Development of the  infrastructure of  Children’s  Centre “Nadezhda” to produce the least influence on the surrounding natural environement.
  • Reduce the volume of rubbish, that is sent to waste disposal sites,  through further perfecting the system of waste conversion, by  separating collection of secondary material resources and to improve the  purchasing systems.
  • Conducting purposeful internal staff education with the enterprise, and with children and adult clients of the centre, in the field of rational use of full-energy resources and the protection of the environment;
  • Conducting educational ecological programmes, open talks with the public and mass media on issues of ecological activity of the enterprise and the condition of nature;
  • The administration of the ‘Children’s Rehabilitation and Health Centre ‘Nadezhda”,  is responsible for the implementation of this policy and encourages all employees of the company to carry out their duties in the field of environmental protection in accordance with the system of environmental management.