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Solemn official opening of the photovoltaic station

Dear friends of the children's center "Nadeshda"!

Since the establishment of the children's center "Hope" carries out its activities on the principles of responsible environmental development. Since 2004, the heat energy in "Nadezhda" is produced with the help of alternative energy sources. Due to successful, progressive development, the provision of thermal energy is currently 100% at the expense of the sun and local fuels (wood and chips).
In order to receive electricity from renewable energy sources, in 2014 we announced a charitable action "Solar solidarity with the children of Chernobyl", within the framework of which it was proposed to raise funds to accompany the children's center "Nadezhda" on the way to 100% self-sufficiency of energy.

In view of the magnitude of the task and the financial cost of building a photovoltaic station, we understood the long-term nature of the entire project. Has passed or has taken place 3 years. Today, thanks to the joint efforts of participants, friends and partners, a photovoltaic power plant with a capacity of 600 kW for the children's center "Nadezhda" has been built. The grand opening of the photovoltaic station took place on September 28, 2017.

The opening of the station is a good reason to emphasize that the project "Hope", in turn, once again demonstrated an example of successful international cooperation, mutual assistance and understanding of responsibility for our joint future.

Agenda of the day September 28

Round table "Pilot Initiatives for Sustainable Development and Climate Protection in the Republic of Belarus"


Opening of the round table. Greeting Astrid Zam, Chairman of the General Meeting of Participants


The report "Through energy saving to the development of regions."

Galina Polyanskaya, Chairman of the Republican Social and Environmental Public Association "Live Partnership"


Report "Vileika District on the Way to Sustainable Development".

Tatyana Titulenko, Chairman of the Board of the Public Association "ZOViK"


Discussion and questions


The report "Children's Center "Nadeshda" on the Way to Sustainable Development".

Nikolai Vyazhevich, Head of the Engineering and Technical Department of the Children's Rehabilitation and Health Center "Nadeshda" JLLC


Excursion "Hope" on the way to sustainable development "






Inauguration of the photovoltaic station "Together with the sun by the road of goodness"











Concert "Songs and the sun as a source of energy for us"




The event was held within the framework of the Week of Sustainable Development - 2017 with the assistance of the Belarus Support Program of the Federal Government of Germany.