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Belarusian-German Joint Limited Liability Company
"Children's Recreation & Rehabilitation Center"


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Rehabilitation of children with active programs

"The Fifth Element"

Camp "The Fifth Element" organically combines leisure and health improvement, including care, education, training of environmentally literate behaviour, which is carried out in an unobtrusive way through games and direct engagement with nature. So that children can, along with recreation, not only gain a charge of vivacity and health, but also a certain amount of knowledge, developing their awareness of the environment and understanding the role of humans in the world.

Forms of implementation are: environmental celebrations, theme days, projects, quizzes, exhibitions, contests, etc.

"Talent Ville"

This is the camp where children can "make their lives", it is full of interesting meetings, useful hobbies and activities, here children can learn to sing, to dance, to play and to spend free time. Indeed, children are never as open as they are when playing games.

The camp "Talent Ville" aims at the development of the creative abilities of children, that are in their nature, and allows the child to explore and to express their talents in these summer holidays

Key activities: the thematic day "School of Detectives", the game programme "Only the Beginning", the competitive program "Pearl "Nadezhda" and a concert of talents "Stars Scattering".

"Active Holiday"

Balanced nutritional diet, optimal active regime, fresh air and positive emotions – all of this will make your stay truly active and unforgettable.

The camp "Active Holiday" will give your child the brightest impressions from their holiday.

Key activities: thematic day "Summer Olympics", competition programme "Mission Possible", the game "Force – A Mind Chamber" and the sports festival "Not Gonna get Us!"


The aesthetic camp "Talented" will help to spark your light of kindness and will nurture it, helping to develop your talent throughout the summer camp. During their holiday, your child will get healthier, meet new people: teachers and their peers, realize their interests and possibilities, have new experiences in communication, and helping to organize their own leisure activities

Key activities: thematic day "School of Detectives", competition programme "Pearl "Nadezhda" and a concert "Stars Scattering”

"Adventure Time"

The programme "Adventure Time" offers children various games and competitive programmes, creative projects. By participating in these every child will be able to discover something new within themselves, to show their best qualities to become successful and increase their self-esteem. Becoming absorbed in a game situations, and without realising it, the child develops their personal and moral qualities, learns to make friends, to empathize, to suggest and implement, learns to work in a team, and also learns to win and to lose. Key activities: Competition programme "Journey in time" and "Penny interest."

Included into the cost of the health improving programme:

- accommodation in 4 to 6 bed dormitory rooms (there are bunk and (or) single beds, bedside tables, desk, chairs, wardrobe; shower and toilet rooms located on each floor).

- meals six times a day based on a balanced diet: breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and supper;

- group health-building procedure (in the absence of medical contraindications): sauna, phyto-tea, aromatherapy, or physical therapy;

- the quantity of procedures: 3 group general health improving procedures;

- the rate of receiving treatments for 12 days: 2 sessions of sauna and other procedures from 5 to 7 times;

- the rate of receiving treatments for 16 days: 2 sessions of sauna and other treatments 8 times;

- the rate of receiving treatments for 18 days: 3 sessions of sauna and all other procedures for 8 sessions;

- educational and psychological support: a programme of active holiday, visiting interest clubs and studios (1-2), caregivers work day and night and are with the group at all times, psychologist is available on request.

We are grateful to that you have entrusted us with the care, education and health improvement of your child.

We hope that your child will enjoy their stay in one of the best children’s centres in Belarus

and we hope then will want to return again and again!