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Belarusian-German Joint Limited Liability Company
"Children's Recreation & Rehabilitation Center"


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Sports schools

Children's Rehabilitation and Health Improvement Centre "Nadeshda" for many years,

has been a hub for sports gatherings for athletes in the various fields of sport,

in the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation.

With modern, well-equipped, and comfortable sports and medical facilities,

six balanced meals a day and clean forest air, “Nadeshda” makes the perfect choice for our partners.

Sports facilities

Cultural and health improving leisure complex:

Sports hall (12 x 24 m);

Gym (80,9 m2);

Hall for physical therapy – 68,5 m2;



Table tennis (2,74 x 1,525 metres);

Mini-football field with artificial turf (20 x 40 metres)

Basketball court with artificial turf (16 x 30 meters)

Cycling and ski areas;


For athletics training (running): a forest path circuit with elevation changes, length of 2.5 km;

Accommodation, meals, treatments:

Accommodation: in 4 to 10 bed dorm rooms, with ensuite toilets and showers;

Food:  5 specialized meals a day, with natural juices, fresh fruit and own baked goods;

Relitalising general health improving treatments: phyto-teas, sauna, aroma and physical therapy

Leisure activities: group lessons and participation in cultural events and discos.

Required documents for children:

• medical certificate about state of health, form 1 ECA/a-10 and the absence of contact with infectious persons.

You can receive a voucher for the camp by:

- leaving an application on the website;

- calling the sales and marketing department;

- emailing the sales and marketing department.